3D Home Community

Nacajuca, Tabasco, Mexico

Together with our incredible partners New Story Charity, ICON Technology & Echale we're changing the way that homes are designed and built. Harnessing revolutionary 3D printing technology, we're part of the team that's building the World's first 3D printed community to those in desperate need of safe and secure homes. This community has a combination of 3D Homes and more traditional Eco-Block constructed homes.

3D Homes + Eco-block
People's lives will be transformed

We're so excited to be part of this incredible project that is revolutionizing the construction industry. A portion of the homes are printed by the Vulcan II. The Vulcan II is the first of its kind, 3D home printer, specifically designed to tackle the growing issue of homelessness for vulnerable populations around the world. This marvel of technology is currently printing 500 sq.ft. homes for this community in Tabasco, Mexico. Once fully proven through this project, the technology will be developed further with the goal of being able to print a 2,000 sqft. home in 24 hours. A further benefit of Icon's 3D technology is that it uses fewer materials and creates markedly less waste, making it a more economical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional building methods. With this first community, the plan is to use a combination of construction methods to build out the entire community. Revolutionary technology alone cannot accomplish everything, and there are additional homes in this community being constructed with Eco-block construction. This is a proven method of quality building and provides safe and sustainable homes for families. If you'd like to get involved by making a donation please click on the Donate Now button. For more information, please contact jason@worldhousing.org

"We continue to seek innovative solutions to combat global homelessness. This is the first step in proving the 3D technology, and our vision is to expand the incredible capabilities to other countries. We feel this is one of the ways we can broaden our impact, and maximize our capacity to help families in need of safe housing."