Meet The Nava Santos Family

Written by Sam White on July 8, 2019

Every Home Has A Story.

The Nava Santos family of five has just welcomed the newest edition, 1-month old Juan Pablo to their growing family. As the heads of the household Gabriel (30) and his wife Yesenia (31) are both employed making artisanal piñatas. When they’re not working, they love spending time with their boys Gabriel (6) Gabino (1) and Juan Pablo.

The family was living in an old trailer that did little to insulate them during extreme temperature fluctuations, common to this part of Mexico. During the winter months, moisture would penetrate their home and soak all their possessions. Without having the ability to completely dry out their things the trailer acted as an incubator – where mold and mildew thrived. Gabriel and Yesenia worried constantly about how these unsafe living conditions could impact the health of their youngest, Juan Pablo.

With the support of Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty through the Agents of Change program, Gabriel, Gabino and Juan Pablo now have a safe, clean and warm home to grow up in.