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We believe that it takes a ‘community to build a community’ and we are proud to align with people and organizations who work with us to transform the way that communities are built.




Become a Builder

Our donors are just one example of the power of community. When everyone gives a little, we can do a lot. Dollar by dollar, direct donors are the foundation making it possible for us to gift homes to families in dire need.

We invite you to donate $30 a month as a recurring donor.  Just a dollar a day adds up when we come together to make a substantial impact.

100% of all donations will go to fund housing projects both locally in North America, and in developing countries.

Become an Ambassador

With a common vision, World Housing Ambassadors provide sustainable funds to gift homes to the world’s poorest families.

World Housing's Ambassadors create legacy programs of giving through their day-to-day business transactions connecting their entire network of team members, clients, friends, and family who share in the celebration and joy that a home brings to families around the world.

We share the belief that the gift of a home is the most powerful way to transform communities and impact lives for generations to come. Connect with us to create your own World Housing social impact program for your organization or group.

Ambassador Case Studies


Become a Founder

Our Founders are the foundation of World Housing ensuring that 100% of all public donations will go towards building homes for families in dire need. By becoming a Founder, you help support World Housing operations and allow us to grow our mission, and expand our work. Your contribution creates a ripple of impact and you build a legacy and an integral part of every home we gift.

If you are interested in becoming a Founder, please connect with us -- we'd love to talk to you about how you can become a social impact investor that transforms the lives of families for generations to come.

Our Founders

Words From Our Community

Nat Bosa, President, Bosa Development

"When we were approached by World Housing with this socially innovative partnership opportunity, we knew it would be a strong fit, and one the future purchasers of Pacific Gate would be proud to be a part of."

Ian Gillespie, President, Westbank

“The vision of World Housing and its founders mirrors our own goal of affecting positive change in communities and I believe, will hold meaning for buyers. Westbank has always put strong emphasis on social responsibility. Through this initiative, we hope to set a new norm in residential development and inspire buyers, who will ultimately be the driving force.”

Jack Ryan, CEO & Founder, REX Real Estate

"We are very fortunate to help provide homes to people no matter who they are or where they are from, and make... sure that every person has access to the very basic need of shelter and security. We are proud to work with World Housing to transform the lives of the world's most vulnerable. For every 50 homes REX sells, we build one for a family that does not have one. As importantly, REX’s employees have pledged to contribute a portion of the wealth they personally receive through their work at REX to provide homes and education for those who need them.”

Ravi Mann – CEO & Founder PROPetual REIT

“We consider it our duty and privilege to share our wealth of resources with those who need it most,” said Ravi Mann, President of PROPetual REIT. “As conscious agents of change, PROPetual’s investment mandate was established not only to maximize value for our investors, but to seek out meaningful opportunities that would lead to profound social impact on a global scale. Partnering with World Housing is a natural fit, especially considering our positive experience working together on the ‘Mannkind Girls to Grannies Village’ in Cambodia,” Ravi explains. “There is a direct alignment of values and a clear connection to the socio-economic impact that PROPetual seeks to achieve at the local level. As a result, PROPetual is committing to 100% funding of a new World Housing community for each new residential development project we bring to the market. Through this partnership, our investors can be part of a global shift from apathy to empathy and compassion, one community at a time.”

When Communities Thrive, People Thrive.
Homes Are Just The Beginning.