World Housing Ambassador Faisal Susiwala’s journey to giving back.

As featured in Real Estate Magazine.

Written by Sam White on March 11, 2024

We are so grateful for Faisal’s tireless efforts to support World Housing and to partner with this incredible individual in the mission of providing safe homes to families in need.

Finding a greater purpose

“I think back. I talk about it a bit in my book on how that was a turning point in my life where you look at where your purpose is, and that has a lot to do with my mindset of giving back … Each day is a blessing,” he says. “It gives you a higher purpose in life than just getting by. When you look at the blessings you have in your life, how do you give back, pay it forward, do some good, leave some legacy in this world before you check out.”

“They have a group of philanthropists that fund it so that 100 per cent of the money that they take in goes toward the need and the costs. Building homes in the Philippines. Building homes in Zambia. Building homes throughout the world where there is poverty and just basic housing isn’t available,” explains Susiwala.

“My life has been enhanced and changed as a result of being in the industry. Housing has done so much for me. It’s just a way of paying it forward for me.”

– Faisal Susiwala