Chicago Title Insurance Company Canada

Written by dataroots on July 28, 2019

Chicago Title Insurance Company Canada and their clients help families in dire need.

For over 70 years, Chicago Title Insurance Company Canada has proudly provided security for Canadian real estate transactions. This Canadian organization understands the true value of its clients’ properties and with unmatched customer care, works to safeguard the real estate industry, one property at a time.

Chicago Title Insurance Company Canada is now helping to fund safe housing for some of the world’s most impoverished families.

With an unrelenting drive to improve and innovate in all they do, they have committed to donating a portion of their real estate insurance transactions to annually fund homes for families in need. Safeguarding real estate takes on new power – ensuring peace of mind here in Canada, and creating hope for families living without homes around the world.

Integrity – CTIC Canada doing what’s right in every transaction.

Integrity and doing what’s right is at the core of Chicago Title Insurance Company Canada’s business philosophy, by setting the highest standards and always striving to meet them. Doing the right thing now also translates their day to day business transactions into homes that provide families the safety and security they would otherwise not have.

“Chicago Title supports World Housing’s mission to provide a home for everyone, and we are committed to using our business to connect what we do in the real estate industry here in Canada at the top of the housing pyramid to provide hope at the very bottom.” – John Rider, Senior Vice President – Chicago Title Canada

World Housing is proud to partner with Chicago Title Insurance Company Canada to help solve homelessness around the globe.

The contributions Chicago Title Insurance Company Canada provides will transform the lives of women and families living without safe and secure housing. When protecting your real estate assets with Chicago Title Insurance Company Canada you will also be helping to fund families and communities in need. This is the amazing impact that you share when you are a client.



Owned by Fidelity National Financial, North America’s largest title insurer, Chicago Title Insurance Company Canada is an industry leader in title insurance solutions, customer service, and real estate technology.  Click here for more information.

If you would like to make a donation to CTIC’s fundraising initiative for World Housing please click here.

100% of all donations will go towards building homes and all donors will receive an official CRA Charitable Tax Receipt. 


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