Ideal Siding

Written by Sam White on April 18, 2024


It all started when his friend had his salary cut almost in half while working as a siding installer during the housing crisis of 2007. That friend had to feed his family and struggled to make ends meet. The amount of work for siding companies was decreasing, and companies started cutting costs and paying installers less. Alex researched siding companies to see how much they were charging for their services and was very surprised to find that pricing was 5 times more than the work crew was getting to install the siding.

Of course, every siding project consists of more than just installation; there is demolition, sheathing inspection, preparation, waste removal, and materials that are costly. Alex with his mathematical approach re-engineered the process in a way that would allow the homeowner to pay at least 30% less to the siding company, while increasing the pay for the installation crew by over 50%.

Alex is passionate about housing and how it affects people’s fate. In 2017, he wrote a book, “The 22-Year Vacation, or The New Home Order,” about the current situation in housing and what factors affect it. Alex spent a lot of his childhood on the construction site when his parents were building their home to settle in. It took them over 20 years to build it and move in. His dream is to build a franchise in the housing space, which will build one million homes. 

“I have watched individuals and families struggle for years to find affordable housing globally. I know what that struggle is like personally, and I watched my family work toward providing a safe space for my brother and me. With the success of Ideal Siding, my goal is to help others achieve what I have been able to experience, and World Housing is there to help us realize that goal. I have studied the real estate market extensively and look forward to partnering with World Housing to reach my goal of building one million homes to help families feel secure and safe.” — Alex Filipuk


Gifted in mathematics, Alex received a government scholarship in Poland and got his Bachelor’s of Computer Science at the Warsaw University of Technology and the Technical University of Denmark. While studying and working in Denmark, Alex learned about the country’s housing policies. The Danish government owns over 450,000 dwellings and rents them to people based on income, influencing rental market pricing and ROI on real estate investments. In his further pursuit of a Master’s in Finance, he embraced the Development Economics topics and wrote papers on the subject of the crucial need for food and shelter which underscored his belief in the critical role of housing in societal development.

At 25, Alex moved to Vancouver, where he started a digital marketing agency specializing in services for construction companies. In 2018, his experience laid the groundwork for developing and building his company, Ideal Siding. He recognized that upgrading the exterior of a home was the most expensive part of the renovation, and there was no national company in that sector. Today, Ideal Siding’s expansive franchise network, with 48 locations across Canada and the US, highlights Alex’s commitment to revolutionizing housing access and affordability. 

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