Meet World Housing Ambassadors REX

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Written by Jason Valagao on April 4, 2019

Every day we wake up in a comfortable, safe place we call home — the cradle of our personal lives where we spend time with loved ones, share meals and feel safe from the outside world. Unfortunately for the 1 in 7 people around the world, safe and secure housing is a distant dream. World Housing exists to transform this dream into reality.

Our vision to end global homelessness and provide a home for everyone has introduced us to some incredible partners like REX. REX’s mission is to help people buy and sell homes, harnessing the power of technology to provide a new way for their clients to approach residential real estate transactions. But in addition to this, and deeply embedded in their culture is their belief in giving back. REX was built on the foundation of sharing the wealth that they create.

“At REX we are providing homes for families that do not have them, both currently, and with the wealth we create over time. For every 50 homes REX sells, we build one for a family that does not have one. As importantly, REX’s employees have pledged to contribute a portion of the wealth they personally receive through their work at REX to provide homes and education for those who need them.” – Jack Ryan CEO REX.

It’s incredibly inspiring to partner with Jack who has witnessed first hand the true value of a home. His experience working in Inner city schools and at a refugee camp, at the border of Texas and Mexico, has influenced his decision to integrate charitable giving into the REX business model. Businesses play a vital role in all our day to day lives, and by choosing to support those that have committed to giving back we can make the world a better place.

We are proud to partner with REX to transform the lives of families living in absolute poverty. Thanks to REX we have already built six homes, three in Cambodia and three in Colombia, radically improving the lives of families previously living in unimaginable conditions. We are excited to continue to transform the lives of even more families in 2019. REX has already funded 3 homes in the very first 3D printed home community in Latin America this summer, and have committed to supporting the ongoing development of this amazing ground-breaking community in the upcoming years.

Without the support of donor partners like REX, this transformation of lives could not happen. We invite you to support REX’s home building initiative by working with them and unlocking a donation through your real estate transaction. Or by making a donation to help fund more homes. Donate by clicking here.


World Housing builds and gifts homes to families living in poverty around the world. We believe that safe homes provide the stability needed to transform all lives within. We focus on providing homes to families living in absolute poverty, to ensure that the next generation grows up happy, healthy and with increased access to the resources that change lives.