Meet World Housing Ambassador Resilient Roofing

Giving back with the belief that everyone deserves a good roof over their head.

Written by Sam White on April 20, 2019

Everyone deserves a roof over their heads.

Seth & Marianna Larson have owned a family operated construction company in San Diego, California since 2006. Over the past 13+ years it and has grown into a successful company by providing outstanding quality of services and personalized designs for their client’s projects. Recently, Seth & Marianna decided to leverage their strengths and open another construction company focusing on roofing for residential clients.

Resilient Roofing was created not only to provide high quality and reliable roofing services to San Diego families but was conceptualized with another purpose in mind. That purpose is to provide a way for their organization to give back through their work, and in early 2019, Resilient Roofing joined the World Housing Ambassador community.

“When we started Resilient Roofing, we wanted to find a way to help families in need. We had always been inspired by Tom’s Shoes and their “One for One” gifting program to give away shoes to people in third world countries. We thought we could figure out a similar giving model using our skills and knowledge surrounding homes. Initially, we wanted to provide a roof for a roof, whereby we would put a new roof on top of the home of a family in need. The fact is, most of the homes people live in are not even sturdy enough to hold up a new roof! So we shifted our focus to the homes they live in, where we came up with an idea to send our team to other countries to build homes. However, we quickly found out that there are many barriers and it wasn’t as simple as knowing how to build a home. Committed to figuring out a way to make it work, we did more research and came across two organizations that aligned with our goal of building and gifting homes to families living in poverty. World Housing and New Story Charity both repeatedly came up in our search.

We reached out to World Housing and learned that they were already working with New Story as their building partner. What a great indication that we were on the right track! Through further discussions, we also learned that World Housing had been created when their Co-Founder met Blake Mycoskie of Tom’s Shoes, and that World Housing was developed on the same ideals and inspiration we had. We knew then that we were talking to the right people. Working with World Housing, we have created the fundraising strategy and tools we need to give back in a meaningful way through our business.”

Resilient Roofing has been built on the foundation that everyone deserves to have the highest level of safety and security that a home provides, and that “we all deserve a good roof over our heads”. Seth and Marianna have integrated charitable giving into their business model with the pledge that for every 100 roofing projects that they complete for their customers, they fund the building of a home for a family that is in need. Just as importantly, Resilient Roofing employees have also pledged to fundraise and donate to help provide these homes to families living in absolute poverty. Because World Housing is a 100% Model charity, every dollar donated will go into building homes.

“There are two ways to provide hope and help those in need. One way is to give your time and use your skill to try to make a difference. A better way is to do what you do best in your own business and take a little of the profit you make from that success and give it to those that have the expertise and capabilities to help many. We found this with World Housing and New Story Charities and we are excited to partner with them to transform lives.”
– Seth Larson, President – Resilient Roofing

We are inspired by the entire Resilient Roofing team who know first-hand of the true value of a home. The team at Resilient Roofing have already funded two 3D printed homes, and have set a goal to fund more homes through their roofing projects. Businesses like Resilient Roofing play a vital role in giving back. By choosing companies that choose to give back, we can all contribute to making the world a better one.

The contributions Resilient Roofing provides will be part of the first ever 3D printed home community. This innovative new technology was developed by New Story Charity and technology start up company, Icon. It can build higher quality homes in a fraction of the time of other traditional philanthropic building methods, and at a lower cost. That is almost unheard of in the first place, but what it means is through this ground-breaking technology we can all make greater impact.

When families have access to a safe, secure space to call home, dignity is restored. This is where the change begins and children start to focus on education instead of mere survival. Families start to thrive and it all begins with a home. We believe everyone deserves this opportunity for renewed hope and a brighter future. We believe everyone deserves a roof over their head.
We thank the entire team at Resilient Roofing for their generosity and support. Through organizations like theirs, we will transform the lives of families for generations to come.

Want to learn more about Resilient Roofing. Or do you need to get a new roof. When you choose Resilient they make a donation to World Housing to fund a home with every contract they do.