Meet the Orozco Family

Written by Sam White on September 25, 2019

Every Home Has A Story. When families receive the gift of safe and secure housing, everything changes! Read below to learn more about the Orozco family and the challenges they face living without a home to call their own.

Meet the Orozco family,

Eufemia and Hector have been married for 18 years and together they have three children — Libeth (15), Hector Jr. (6), and Fernando (3). They’ve been living in Ahuachapan, El Salvador for three years, and have been sharing a home with Eufemia’s sister in law. Recently, the family has been asked to find alternative arrangements because the in-laws are selling the home.

two boys in window of home
Fernando & Hector Jr.

At her sister in law’s house, Eufemia and her family feel cramped and have very little privacy. They know that their current living arrangement is only a short-term solution, and they’ve dreamed of one day owning a home to call their own.

The Orozco’s new home!

For Eufemia and Hector, a new home would mean a place for their children to grow up in. It would allow them to build a new life and would kickstart their track to a future that they can look forward to and be proud of. Thanks to your generosity they now have the opportunity that they’ve always dreamed of.


We’re extremely excited to announce that the Orozco family has successfully moved into their new home! They are now living comfortably with the security, space, and access to resources that they need to thrive. Thank you for being part of the journey.