World Housing Communities

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

World Housing launched in 2014 working with building partners Cambodian Children's Fund and built its first village of 370 homes through Bjarke Ingels and Ian Gillespie's of Westbank's Vancouver House project. Since then we have funded additional homes in the Divine Family Community bringing it up to 500 homes in villages that house the most vulnerable families. In 2020 working with the Mannkind Charitable Foundation and Isle of Mann Property Group, World Housing funded and completed 50 more homes in the first-ever all-female Girls to Grannies Village where 200 women and girls moved in January 2021. This village included a Library funded by Chicago Title Insurance Co. Canada, a Sports Field, Gardens and has become a safe and secure as a gated community for all who live there. REX Real Estate funded an incredible 20 homes in this village, and we thank all our partners who generously contributed to build this amazing community. We continue to build communities with CCF and look to 2022 and 2023 to fund more villages for those who need it most. A home enables a stable life to exist for the children who live there, and with a safe home children can go to school and change their lives forever. If you would like to contribute please DONATE today.

Our communities in Cambodia feature more than just homes, they also include playgrounds, gardens, communal spaces, washhouses, and bamboo fencing throughout. We're passionate about creating spaces where families have the resources to thrive. We work closely with Cambodian Children's Fund to make sure every community we build has all the features needed for families to succeed.

“Building the communities was essential. They allowed families to get back together and gave a sense of dignity and hope for the future.” - Scott Neeson, Founder of Cambodian Children's Fund