News From the World’s First 3D Printed Community

The future of shelter is here

Written by Sam White on December 11, 2019

Last year we invited you, our incredible network of supporters, to join us in making history.

To change the way that housing is built for impoverished families. After over a year of planning and development of the technology, our partners New Story Charity, Echale and ICON have officially completed the construction of the first 3D printed homes in Tabasco, Mexico!

All homes are printed by the Vulcan II. The first of its kind, 3D home printer specifically designed to tackle the growing issue of homelessness for vulnerable populations around the world. This marvel of technology printed each home in around 24 hours of total print time broken up across several days.

Human-Centered Design.

Boasting a total of 500 sq ft. of livable space, the homes feature two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. What makes these homes even more special is that they were designed with feedback from the families who will eventually move in.

Why 3D?

The possibilities for 3D printed homes are endless. Below are just a few of the benefits of applying this technology to the charitable housing sector.

  • Increased speed
  • A decrease in manual labor
  • Concrete is a well understood, affordable, resilient material
  • Concrete has a high thermal mass (comfort & energy efficiency)
  • 3D Printing produces a continuous, unbroken thermal envelope (comfort & energy efficiency)
  • Replaces multiple systems of the home in one technology (foundation, structure, insulation, interior & exterior sheathing, moisture barrier, finished surfaces, etc.)
  • Near zero waste
  • Tremendous design freedom (curves and slopes are no more challenging or expensive than straight, plumb lines)

It takes a community to build a community.

Without our incredible network of donors and supporters, this community would not be possible. We’re proud to work with the following World Housing Ambassadors who have helped fund the next generation of community. REX Homes,  S&P Real Estate Corp, Resilient Roofing, MLA Canada, HALE, Granville West Group and Bell Alliance.

Richard Bell (Bell Alliance) & Seth Larson (Resilient Roofing) In front of the uncompleted homes

Who’s moving in?

When the community was surveyed by New Story, 74% of families stated that they do not feel safe in their current living conditions and that this fact greatly affects their quality of life. Safe and secure homes are a high priority of this community where the median family income is $76.50 (USD) per month. Many families in this area are part of an indigenous population that has historically been left out of government assistance programs, leaving them with fewer resources than other parts of the country.

Through a partnership with the municipal government, the 3D home community will be part of the larger community plan for the area, which also includes access to green spaces, parks, community amenities, and basic utilities.

World Housing is proud to be part of the group that is bringing the world’s first 3D printed community to life. We’re so excited to work with our partners on this exciting project that will bring safe and secure housing to even more people in need. To learn more about our incredible building partners please click on the links below.

Building Partner — New Story Charity 

Vulcan II Creators — ICON

Local Building partner — ECHALE

If you have any questions about the community or would like to reserve funding on the next round of homes please get in contact with Jason by clicking here.