Jim Dodd

Jim Dodd has been with the Zehr Group since June of 2020 and is currently the President and COO. Jim has over 30 years in the planning, land acquisition and development industries. Jim’s experience in the development industry includes 16 years with Reid Heritage Homes and several years in the real estate department with McDonald’s of Canada. Jim is widely known in the industry for his ability to recognize, negotiate and secure exceptional properties for future development. Jim leads a dynamic team who play an integral role in the overall execution and success of all projects he is associated with. Jim drives Zehr Group’s strategies with a particular emphasis on sustained growth, constant innovation and the full integration of the company’s values into every aspect of its work. He continues to search out strategic land and business acquisition opportunities and fosters partner relations that will enable Zehr Group to fulfil its mission to acquire, develop and build outstanding communities, wherever it does business.

Jim’s understanding and passion for building community now goes above and beyond his role at Zehr Group. He knows that current housing issues stem in large part from a lack of supply not only in North America but around the world. Joining the Board of Directors for World Housing in 2024, Jim brings his wealth of knowledge and incredible energy to help solve this great need. Jim believes it is our combined responsibility as stewards of real estate to do what we can to innovate and develop sustainable solutions along the entire housing continuum. Jim’s personal and professional values align with World Housing’s vision that everyone deserves to live in a safe place they can call home.

"By providing homes to people who live without adequate shelter around the world, we have the opportunity to give back to our global communities and solve the fundamental issues of housing. Whether that means in the slums of Cambodia or to find a home for residents of encampments in Kitchener, Ontario, when good people come together we can make a difference.” — Jim Dodd


Zehr Group , based in Waterloo Region, is a vertically integrated real estate investment, development and management firm that has redeveloped numerous properties in its core market of Waterloo Region since 1978. In doing so, Zehr Group has helped to reshape Kitchener-Waterloo’s downtown core and innovation district. Specializing in creating and managing contemporary spaces that respect the history of the property and its surroundings, Zehr has won numerous awards including GVCA’s Building Excellence “Game Changer” Award. The company also does business elsewhere in Canada, while Zehr USA develops projects south of the border.

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