The Walls Family

Written by Jason Valagao on July 9, 2019

After developing a greater understanding of World Housing’s mission to end global homelessness, both Dick & Carolina Walls were compelled to share their family’s good fortune with families who are not as fortunate.

Living in the foothills of Calgary in their exclusive Terre Blanche Estate Dick & Carolina were inspired to take action. Both are no strangers to community development and have been extensively involved in their communities throughout their careers giving back through their work.

Carolina has been very involved in bettering her local community and is very passionate about education. She co-founded and was a major contributor to Best In The West, a scholarship program designed for Western Canadian students to attend McGill University. She also participated in the Women’s Guild of Creation for the Alberta Ballet. Most recently Carolina is also a founding director for the Calgary Police Foundation and is credited for hosting the first public fundraiser for the organization.

To support World Housing and our mission to provide a home for everyone The Walls have committed to donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Terre Blanche to build homes for families in dire need. We invite you to join Michelle Yu on a virtual tour of this breathtaking estate by clicking below.

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