MLA Canada

MLA Canada is helping contribute to progressive solutions to end global homelessness through their legacy program and will place their funding into one of the world’s first 3 D printed home communities.

Through this initiative, they join our community of World Housing Ambassadors that will create an innovative and sustainable social impact that will transform lives forever. This pioneering technology is spearheaded as a way to further scale our impact and brings the cost of building costs down while increasing the quality of the homes for families in need.

In 2019, MLA Canada is targeting to raise $100,000 to build a community of 20 homes in Latin America.

MLA Canada, leaders in the real estate industry, offer unrivaled knowledge and expertise, capturing the true spirit of the community projects they partner with developers on. They have a deep-rooted set of core values fostering innovation, collaboration, empowerment and pursuit of excellence in all they do.

As an extension to these core values, MLA Canada has committed to their own legacy community project by joining forces with World Housing to fund communities and gift homes to families living in absolute poverty. MLA knows the stability of a home changes everything and that homes provide shelter at the most basic level but are so much more than that in vulnerable areas where people live in dangerous and unsafe conditions.

“We are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Others are not as lucky and live in unimaginable conditions. It is our belief that everyone deserves a home, so we have partnered with World Housing on a socially innovative program that is perfectly aligned with not only our business values but our passion for community building. We are proud to announce that our entire MLA Canada team will be a part of this important initiative.” – Co-Founder Cameron McNeill