The Idea Collective & 333 Impact by Taylor Conroy

Written by Sam White on June 30, 2019

The Idea Collective & 333 Impact Inc. is coming together as a village, to build a village.

“We are jumping on board to help build homes for 30 families in Mexico. This is an extra special fundraiser because a group of us will be going to Mexico Nov 28th – Dec 4th 2019 to build the homes with the families that will live in them. We are excited for this epic adventure to change the world for families in need.” — Taylor Conroy

The Idea Collective & 333 Impact Adventure

The trip to Mexico is being led by 333 Impact Inc, a social enterprise that helps people raise money for charity and go on impact adventures like this one. 333 Impact Inc runs at zero-profit, and takes 0% of funds raised. Their mission is to scale empathy throughout the world by creating connection-inducing experiences for people like you. 333 Impact Inc is funded by corporate donations from The Idea Collective, a company that helps people to become speakers on the world’s biggest stages. Both 333 Impact Inc and The Idea Collective are owned by Taylor Conroy.

Our Charity Partners
For this project World Housing is partnering with 333 Impact Inc and our building partners TECHO.

TECHO heads up all construction and has built over 100,000 homes like this. They work in partnership with the local communities to ensure homes go to the most in-need families.

The Homes
The homes that will be funded are being built in a community located about an hour outside Mexico City. This is what the home will look like.

This is a typical community & home looks like BEFORE we build…

And here they are AFTER…

Fundraising Requirements

If you want to come on the trip with us, you will need to raise $3800 USD or $5000CDN by August 15th to fund one home. Spots are very limited – feel free to contact [email protected] to inquire if there are spaces available for more fundraisers.

If you are fundraising please make sure to link to the campaign page in the country funds that you’d like to contribute and receive a tax receipt.



Thanks for supporting this epic adventure that will change the world!

When Communities Thrive, People Thrive.
Homes Are Just The Beginning.