‘Green Gratitude’ Gives Back

Written by Sam White on November 12, 2020


Cheeky’s Cannabis is a bright spark in the communities of Maple Ridge and Kitsilano! The Cheeky’s Cannabis concept launched in November 2020 with its first store in Maple Ridge, and now has a 2nd location in Kitsilano in the old bank building on the corner of Alma & West 4th. Bringing a unique approach to the cannabis retail industry, Cheeky’s offers a warm and welcoming store that is refreshingly different with its ‘Green Gratitude’ program where they are giving back to help solve homelessness as a partner with World Housing. Now with a 3rd coming soon to Mission, their commitment to giving back both locally and globally grows with every location.

Cheeky’s ‘Green Gratitude’ giving program is deeply embedded in the core values of co-owners Laura Rowse and Ken Brookes, who have been involved in the fight against global homelessness since 2013 when they helped launch World Housing’s first-ever safe housing project in Cambodia.


“We are committed to building a legacy fund in partnership with our charity World Housing. This fund will support projects that provide safe supportive housing to people and families living without a home.  At our Maple Ridge Cheeky’s we will be giving the service charge proceeds from every ATM transaction, and with every new location we open we will adopt this program. At our Kitsilano location, the Cheeky’s team will be offering a special holiday gift-wrapping service and the proceeds will help to give a family ‘a home for the holidays’ this season. ” — Laura Rowse, Partner & Green Queen, Cheeky’s Cannabis

“World Housing is a Vancouver-based but globally active charity that fights against homelessness in countries and communities around the world. We partner with Ambassador organizations like Cheeky’s who align with World Housing on the core values of ‘Housing First’, and look for partners who are committed to helping provide safe, welcoming housing and support options for people who are experiencing homelessness and issues of marginalization. We are excited to partner with Cheeky’s Cannabis Green Giving program.” — Don McQuaid, Managing Director, World Housing 

“IT TAKES A COMMUNITY TO BUILD A COMMUNITY.  Cheeky’s Cannabis will be making contributions that will help support the at-risk people in communities both locally and around the world. We believe this idea will deeply resonate not only within our own team but will cause change and awareness in our community. We invite our entire team, and our community to be a part of the impact.” Ken Brooks, Partner, Cheeky’s Cannabis



If you would like to be a part of the ‘Green Giving’ project you can make a donation here. 100% of all donations will be used to build homes. Or simply visit the Cheeky’s Cannabis store and use their ATM to make your $2 contribution. Every ATM transaction gives back to solving homelessness. If you are looking for a great way to give back this holiday season, shop at Cheeky’s and get it gift-wrapped as another way to help give a home for the holidays. 

There are many ways to help! No donation is too small and every dollar makes a difference. We also encourage you to spread the word! What is most important is that we provide housing for those in deep need. Through World Housing, 100% of our donations will go to provide housing. Together, let’s build a community!

“The Cheeky’s Cannabis Green Team will be making contributions from their ATM machine. In addition, our team members are coming up with new ways in-store to raise funds to help grow the fund. There will be events throughout the year to connect everyone to their impact, and at the end of each year, there will be a special ‘Green Team Award’ given to the team member that has shown innovation, initiative, and enthusiasm for the ‘Green Giving Back’ fundraising program. We are fortunate to live and work in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Others are not as lucky and live in unimaginable conditions. It is our belief that everyone deserves a home, so we have partnered with World Housing on a socially innovative program that is perfectly aligned with not only our business values but our passion for community building. Now we have the opportunity to provide safe homes to those experiencing homelessness globally and locally. This is what we believe will make every community stronger.” — Laura Rowse & Ken Brooks, Partners, Cheeky’s Cannabis

When Communities Thrive, People Thrive.
Homes Are Just The Beginning.