Girls 4 Girls Foundation

Written by Sam White on September 10, 2019

Meet Robyn Gooding, founder and CEO of Girls 4 Girls foundation. Robyn created Girls 4 Girls to help women have a voice and a choice when it comes to living full, healthy lives.

We are proud to work with Robyn and the entire Girls 4 Girls foundation who share our belief that homes provide the foundation for wholesome, healthy lives. Continue reading below to learn more about G4G work from Robyns’s perspective.

The work we have done revolves around education and empowerment, specifically of gender-based violence. We have worked in South Africa with a rape crisis center, and have worked in a community near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Through education, financial assistance, and workshops, our hope is that all women around the world know their true value, have access to resources they need to remove themselves from dangerous situations, and enjoy a secure foundation in order to dream big.

” We believe that by providing a safe, beautiful place for people to live and commune, they are able to better take care of themselves and those around them. They thrive, their communities thrive, and feel connected to the world around them. Our goal is to finance a home build for a single mother and her children in a community in Mexico.” — Robyn Gooding
We believe that homelessness is critical for building a foundation of a whole and healthy life. By providing structure, safety, warmth, connection and integration into a community, people are able to build a life beyond their immediate needs. At G4G, we have been especially concerned about the welfare of women, and ensuring that mothers and their children are not remaining in perpetual cycles of violence to simply avoid being homeless.
A home means a lot of things to us. It means familiarity, it means belonging, it means perpetuity. A home should be a safe place to land, and a launch pad to thrive.
Our organization began with students, and has been integrated with a strong community that supported our projects throughout the years. Our biggest fundraiser has always been a large annual event – they have ranged throughout the years from fashion shows to musical concerts. The essence of each event is about bringing people together to grow, learn and contribute.
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When Communities Thrive, People Thrive.
Homes Are Just The Beginning.