Britainny Hari – The Dual Agency

Written by Sam White on April 18, 2024

Britainny Hari is a senior marketing and communications expert who continually defies the status quo, building an agency based on strong social values that ultimately sets her apart from competitors. Her desire to make a lasting impact has guided her to foster partnerships with organizations, such as World Housing, that want to do the most good, share their stories, and embrace occasions to make a difference in her community and the world.

“I’ve always felt my cup is most full when I am paying forward the opportunities I have been
allotted in life. Whether it is donating my time to mentorship programs or speaking panels, or donating financial aid to organizations my values align with, I derive inspiration and meaning from contributing to communities greater than me.”

Britainny Hari is the Founder and Principal of Dual Agency.

Brit both grew up and started her career in Vancouver, BC. She began working in media while completing her undergrad, where she gained insight into the newsroom and began chasing her love of storytelling. She naturally fell into the real estate sector and felt fortunate to learn and apply her love of marketing and communications in one of the most desirable real estate markets and port cities in the world. Her experience took her to work for CBRE Canada as the Director of Marketing and Communications at the Vancouver office, where she assembled a diverse team of talented and creative individuals while overseeing the marketing of all active listings within the firm.

Her background in the public sector, sports, and real estate allowed her to develop her skills in leadership, strategy, and corporate branding. She is focused on leading the industry and was recently named “Top 50 Women Leaders in Vancouver for 2023” by Women We Admire and received the 2023 Vancouver Rising Star Leadership Award from the Commercial Real Estate Women’s Network.

Through her passion for doing things the right way, Brit has seen an opportunity to support philanthropic endeavors that complement the launch of her new venture, Dual Agency. She launched her new agency to coincide with International Women’s Day in 2024. She has been outspoken about her support of women in the Commercial Real Estate industry and actively works to find programs that will move the needle to support diversity, equity, and inclusion in the male-dominated sector.

Brit looks forward to being a part of the World Housing organization so she may use her platform to educate others about the need for housing around the globe and encourage others in her field to incorporate philanthropy into their endeavors.

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