Meet The Samean Family.

Written by dataroots on January 24, 2016

Every Home Has A Story.

We recently sat down with the Samean family and asked them about their lives before moving into a World Housing community. Read their inspiring story and see how far they’ve come…

“Our family moved into the World Housing community in September 2014. Originally, we are from Svay Rieng province. There, I worked as a farmer on my sister’s land, and grew rice. It was so difficult. Our land was so small and the harvest was never enough for us to eat.”

“I decided to move to Phnom Penh three years ago because there was nothing to do in my hometown except farming and, from year to year, we were getting poorer.”

“When we first moved to Phnom Penh, I sold Khmer cakes made from rice and coconut. I could only earn around 15,000 riel ($3.5USD) per day. I was working alone to support the family because my daughter went to work in Thailand.”

“We lived in a small room where we paid $15USD per month for rent. There was no toilet and only one small window. When we moved into World Housing, I felt so happy. I felt freedom. The environment here is different. At our old house, I never opened the door because of arguments with the neighbours. Here, in the World Housing home, there is lots of space. I can grow crops for cooking.”

“I like this house because it feels like my own home. I am proud because my grandchildren can get an education. My daughter can find a job and I can look after my grandchildren.”