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Learn how Chicago Title Insurance Company Canada is Building Permanent Housing Solutions For Canada's Most Vulnerable Women

Written by Sam White on February 18, 2021

“CTIC Canada is World Housing’s first Ambassador in to support funding the new Women & Families Centre in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. This show of leadership in the real estate community will help to ensure we raise the necessary funds for this high impact housing community.” — Don McQuaid, Managing Director, World Housing

When Chicago Title Insurance Company Canada heard about the new World Housing Women and Families Centre project in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, they immediately jumped on board with a generous contribution.

The funds they are committing to this new community project will ensure single women and women with children who are currently living on the streets without safe and secure housing will be given a place to transform their lives. This new facility fills a gap in the system where many are lost in the downward trajectory of abuse, drugs and lack of education and training:

Below is a snapshot about the Women & Families Centre. For more information about this community click here.

  • There is currently no supportive housing in the DTES that enables women with children and/or babies to address and continue their recovery while living in a real home where they are able to develop strengths and move towards independence.
  • The purpose-built facility will fill a gap in the current addiction recovery and homelessness services system, preventing many women, and women with children from falling through the cracks between detox and recovery.
  • This new, purpose-built, recovery-support project provides the opportunity for mothers and children to stay together, as well as work towards reuniting children with their mothers in cases where they have been removed from their care, giving children and families a strong foundation to build a better future.