Oguis, Catanduanes, The Philippines

Building started March 2022 - Targeted completion November 2022

On November 1, 2020 the first typhoon of the season made landfall on the island of Catanduanes in the Philippines with 315km per hour winds, and flattened the village of Oguis. Ten days later a second typhoon made landfall in the same area, and the village of Oguis was flooded. Vulnerable shanty type homes were destroyed, electricity was lost, and water lines were destroyed. Since that time, the small village has tried to rebuild its infrastructure. With only what they could salvage, their homes were frail and provided little protection and safety for the families who live in them. World Housing learned of the devastated community and their need for help and began working with a group of caring individuals who wanted to help the families of Oguis. World Housing is currently raising funds for the project. We have hired a local engineer who has designed the homes, and will supervise a construction team in the rebuilding of the community with new, safe and sturdy houses. A home costs $6,000. The home design is a 10'x20' concrete building with kitchen and living area, washroom and toilet on a septic system, and each home will be connected to the local electrical systems, and to water. Instead of frail shanties that will not survive future storms, the homes will be modest but functional and strong houses. The homes will be gifted to the families, and there will be new solar street lights and a playing field.

Homes destroyed by typhoons
People will be housed in safe new homes

The average income of a Filipino family is about $5,000 a year and these families spend a little over $4,000 on needed expenses. The bottom 10% of the population barely survives on just over $1500 annually. The dream of a safe home is not a reality for these families. Together the World Housing community of donors can change this. A home provides the foundation for a better life. You can gift a home to a family for just $6,000.

Our goal is to raise $200,000 to change the lives of these families forever. Join the World Housing community by making a donation to help 'Lift Up Oguis'!