Labodrie, Haiti

Building Partner: New Story Charity

In Haiti we are proud to partner with New Story Charity, an organization that has a proven impact in the region. New Story has built strong relationships with the local government and builders allowing them to build more than 500 homes to date. Securing land to build on is often times the most difficult and time consuming aspect of home building. We are excited to announce that our partner New Story, has solidified the land rights allowing us the space to build 500+ homes for people living in Laboderie.


In 2010, Haiti was struck with one of the most devastating earthquakes the world has seen. It is estimated that 300,000 residences were destroyed and that more than 3 million were directly impacted. As a result of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake, families were forced to live in tent communities designed to last 6 months. 7 years later, families continue to live in these shelters exposed to unimaginable conditions facing challenges like lack of nutrition, clean water, violence, exposure to diseases, and storms such as hurricane Matthew.