Ahuachapán, El Salvador

Building Partner: New Story Charity

Alongside our building partners New Story Charity, World Housing is working to create brighter futures for the residents of Ahuachapán, El Salvador. Through the amazing generosity and commitment from our funding partners, S&P Real Estate, NexGen Giving Group and Michelle Yu Real Estate, we will be building homes in the new community in early 2019.

Homes Built
People Housed

Ahuachapán is a municipality located on the Western Side of El Salvador, 60 miles away from El Salvador’s capital — San Salvador. Home to 130,00 people this community is plagued by disproportionately large amounts of poverty. 95% of the families here live below the international poverty line of $2.50 USD per day. Families live in extreme poverty, defined by the lack of multiple basic human needs — such as clean water, adequate shelter and nutritious food. Living in survival mode further perpetuates the cycle of poverty and greatly diminishes hope for the next generation to improve their quality of life. New Story has just completed a 130 home community within the same neighborhood and in the process has developed a deep and productive relationship with the mayor and local government. Through our joint efforts, homes will be built and the local government will provide electricity, paved roads and clean water for the community of homes that are being constructed.

Children who grow up in safe homes have greater freedom to pursue education and raise the standard of living for themselves, their families, and future generations to come.