Guaranys, Rio de Janeiro

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Community Location: Guaranys, Rio de Janeiro

  • Brazil population: 214 million
  • Rio de Janeiro population: 6.8 million
  • City of God (Cidade de Deus) population: 38,000
  • Guaranys population: 1370 (456 families)

The Precarious Favelas of Brazil

The slums of Brazil can be some of the most deficient and destabilizing places to live. These slums have great historical significance and are better known as favelas.

One of the nation’s poorest favelas, named City of God (Cidade de Deus), is located in western Rio de Janeiro. Within the larger City of God favela lies the smaller favela Guaranys, which is the community directly supported by our project. Guaranys is arguably one of the most vulnerable areas within Rio de Janeiro. 

People who live in Brazil’s most vulnerable favelas have to endure precarious housing situations, lack of access to basic sanitation, limited access to water, and unsafe access to electricity. Many of these families have to live and sleep on the ground, without even a roof to provide shelter. The conditions in Guaranys are no different.

Our Impact in Guaranys, Brazil

Given the reality of vulnerability in these communities, our work in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is all the more pressing. World Housing is in partnership with dedicated team members and community leaders from TETO Brasil and TECHO US for our project in the favela of Guaranys.

As a start to achieve our goal of addressing the unstable living conditions in Guaranys, World Housing, TETO Brasil and the families that live in Guaranys will build 20 homes, a community centre, and a community park which consists of a garden and playground.

The homes to be built will be based on a new, refined prototype designed by TETO, which reflects the importance of long-term sustainable impact for these families, going beyond simply addressing urgent housing needs. These new types of homes will have a kitchen, toilet, drywall finishing, wooden ceiling, metal roof tiles, as well as doors and windows. The construction materials will be elevated from the emergency home style usually built by TETO.

0 People to be Housed

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Each home for this project costs $15,000 USD, meaning the cost of housing one person is roughly $3000. The homes are projected to last at least 25 years. We believe that the added attention to detail and durability of the houses will go a long way for these families. In total, we expect the project to cost $400,000 USD.

Longer term, we hope to continue to fund and build more houses with the goal of ultimately restoring the entire community of Guaranys by providing families with safe, sturdy homes. It is also our hope that TETO Brasil will continue working with Guaranys residents to mobilize more people to help contribute to improving the infrastructure of the community.

It is through these long-term plans that World Housing strives to empower this neglected and underfunded community and provide hope for a better future for its youth and their families.

Community leader Maria Luiza Ferreira, also fondly known as Big Mama with her family in front of their home in Guaranys

0 Families Housed

Families that receive homes and have opportunity to change their lives and the trajectory of their family.

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Each person in the family begins to thrive with the safety of a home.

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$100,000 has already been raised by World Housing Donors.

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