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We are excited to announce we are building another ‘Girls to Grannies’ Community in Phnom Penh. Working with our building partners Cambodian Children’s Fund, there will be 50 new homes funded and built by World Housing donors in a holistic village that houses 200 of the world’s most vulnerable women and girls. If you’d like to contribute to help transform lives and build a legacy of hope, please click through to make a donation. Thank you for changing the world with us!

This village houses 200 of these vulnerable women currently living in Steung Meanchey. “Chbab Srey”, or “Rules for Girls,” is a traditional moral code of behavior that dictates a subordinate place for Cambodian women in society. Cambodian girls face great pressure to drop out of school early to go to work in order to survive. They live in dangerous conditions picking garbage while living in slums surrounding the dump.

Our communities in Cambodia feature new homes that include each family’s own washroom, as well as being in a gated secure village that includes playgrounds, food gardens, communal spaces, and a library. We’re passionate about creating spaces where families have the resources to thrive, and a safe place where children can live and go to school. We work closely with Cambodian Children’s Fund, who has built an incredible STEM school where all the World Housing families can send their children to school. We make sure every community we build has all the features needed for families to succeed.

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Our vision for this amazing project is to support CCF’s proven strategy to end the poverty cycle by providing the important foundation of safe housing to girls and women. This village is specifically designed for women and girls — it gives girls who have been orphaned or abandoned a supportive, safe place to live so that they can attend school instead of being forced to pick garbage to survive. It will also provide a home for the “Grannies” of the community where they can nurture the younger women and girls.

We are excited to announce the Girls to Grannies Village built in the Steung Meanchey district of Phnom Pehn will be funded by our amazing World Housing Ambassadors through the funds we raise at World Housing’s inaugural L.A. ‘House Party’ event this June in Hidden Hills. If you are interested in being a part of this amazing project, please email us and we will get you on our Guest List for House Party!

“Building the communities was essential. They allowed families to get back together and gave a sense of dignity and hope for the future.” – Scott Neeson, Founder of Cambodian Children’s Fund


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